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Public speaking coaching from a dynamic professional speaker who can show you how to connect with your audience and have a compelling stage presence.

Warren Buffet says that improving your public speaking skills will “raise your value by 50%” and that it can make or break your career! Don’t leave your career to chance! Increase your value by getting a series of coaching classes to improve your public speaking skills, or book a single coaching session when you have a crucial presentation to give so that you can make sure it is a resounding success.

Sally Chopping is a coach who acted in theater and hosted radio and TV shows before becoming a professional keynote speaker. She can show you exactly what you need to do in order to have natural body language that commands respect and attention, how to make your voice sound interesting and how to construct a speech that holds the audience’s attention at every moment.

Coaching can be scheduled during the day, evening or weekends. To book a coaching session in the Pittsburgh area or if you have questions, call 412-478-6785 or email

Recommendation from coaching client Fred Buro
Chief Marketing Officer, MTR Gaming Group:

“Sally deeply engages in understanding the context of any project. She will develop a comprehensive needs based program built upon her understanding of a specific circumstance against how to unleash the bridled confidence and passion of her client. Her programs are developed based upon the realtime needs and circumstances of her client and by accurately assessing a client’s skill set – and that is built upon a lifetime of experience and a severe passion for what she does. Sally Chopping delivers results.”

coaching for public speaking in Pittsburgh

PiPublic speaking classes and coaching in PittsburghSally Chopping

3019 Swansea West
Pittsburgh, PA 15101

Pittsburgh, USA: 412-478-6785

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