Make your remote presentations clear, concise and compelling!

Remote public speaking classes

This class will prove to you that public speaking training on Zoom can be fun! Participant will be engaged in every second of teaching as they practice what they learn, watch enlightening demonstrations and see instant improvements in their own skills.

At the end of the class you will know how to use body language on Zoom, how to make your voice compelling and how to structure a speech that builds empathy and keeps your audience involved at every step of the way. No more Zoom fatigue!

The class is taught by award winning public speaker, Sally Chopping. She has over 15 experience teaching public speaking and her clients include Toyota, FedEx and the Air National Guard. She has an acting degree from Drama Center which is part of the British College of London and she has adapted many acting techniques to help public speakers gain charisma.

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Pittsburgh location for public speaking classes and coaching

Private Coaching

Sally Chopping is a coach who acted in theater and hosted radio and TV shows before becoming a professional keynote speaker. She will show you how to think like an Actor so that you have confident body language and a compelling voice. She will show you how to think like a Director so that you keep to the point, build empathy and keep your audience engaged. Sally’s classes are full of demonstrations and practice so that you know exactly what to do to transform your online presentations. This class not a dreary boring lecture! It is a highly interactive and lots of fun!

You don’t have to change your personality to gain public speaking charisma: it’s within your grasp! Benefit from a lesson today—stop being dull and start being dynamic!

Coaching is conducted on the Zoom platform and can be scheduled during the day, evening or weekends. To book a coaching session or if you have questions, call 412-478-6785 or email

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Pittsburgh location for public speaking classes and coaching

Keynote Speeches

When you want the attendees at your conference to be inspired, motivated and entertained, hire  Sally Chopping to deliver a dynamic keynote speech. She is an expert at improving communication skills and her speeches combine valuable educational content with lots of humor and fun.

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Public speaking coaching and classes in the Pittsburgh area

Ace the Job Interview

Coaching to improve the way you build empathy with the interviewer at that crucial job interview: Just having good answers to questions isn’t enough. You need great body language, confidence, and an understanding of how to connect with the interviewer. A great resume and background will not do you any good if you can’t ace the interview. Give yourself a competitive advantage by practicing for the interview in a one-on-one coaching session.

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Public speaking coaching and classes in the Pittsburgh area
Public speaking classes and coaching in Pittsburgh

Sally Chopping

3019 Swansea West
Pittsburgh, PA 15101

Pittsburgh, USA: 412-478-6785

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Pittsburgh location for public speaking classes and coaching