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On-line coaching is available via Zoom to help you ace the job interview.

Interview coaching

Coronavirus has changed the way we interview for a job and the skills that you need when you answer interview questions. When you are interviewing via Zoom or any virtual platform the interviewer can only see the top part of your body and so the tone of your voice becomes much more important.  Also the body language needed to look good on a zoom camera is different than for an in-person interview. Knowing how to adjust your voice and body language is just as important as choosing the right answers to the questions. When you book a coaching session you will be able to practice a virtual job interview and find out how to look and sound confident on the Zoom camera.

You will discover how to answer questions so that the interviewer is eager to hire you. You will learn how to get the interviewer to see you as the ideal candidate. The words you use are only half of the picture. The other half is all the subconscious messages that you send out through your body language, eye contact and vocal tone. Learn how to build rapport with your interviewer on Zoom. Don’t leave things to chance. Book a virtual coaching session today.

How coaching works:

Presentation coach, Sally Chopping, prepares you for the interview with an interview rehearsal session. In the rehearsal session, you practice answering interview questions as though you are in a real interview. You receive feedback about your answers and the impression you are giving and learn how to improve. The interview rehearsal is a practical process that shows you how to capitalize on your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and ace the interview.

Interview coaching cost:

In-person coaching: $250
Coaching via Zoom: $150

Each coaching session lasts one hour and  a half. For most people one coaching session is all that is needed to make a tremendous improvement to their job interviewing skills.

For virtual interview coaching call (412) 478-6785

Practice makes perfect! Schedule a coaching session to practice your interviewing techniques. To book an interview coaching session or for more information, phone Sally Chopping at (412) 478-6785 or send email to

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