If you want a lively and engaged audience who leaves feeling motivated and inspired, then Sally Chopping is the keynote speaker for you. She is an award winning speaker who knows that people learn best when they are having fun. Her keynote speeches are electrifying presentations that will make people laugh and inspire them to be more focused and effective at work. Her goal is to improve the way that people interact with each other and her speeches deliver practical tips and techniques that can be put to use immediately so that everyone in your organization communicates with better clarity and purpose.

Public speaking topics:

All of Sally’s speeches are customized for each audience and each topic can be presented as a keynote speech or a breakout session. Sally is based in Pittsburgh, PA and she gives keynote speeches thorough out the USA and Great Britain. To find out how Sally can customize a speech for you, call 412-478-6785 or email: sally@actingforbusiness.com

Sally’s three most popular keynote speeches are:

Listen Like a Leader
An Actors Guide to Public Speaking
Humor is the Antidote for Stress

Keynote speech details

Listen like a Leader

This keynote will transform your communication skills. It will not only change how you listen but it will also change how you talk! You will learn about the principals that govern the way that people listen and be shown how to use those principals to make sure that people absorb what you say. Your listening skills will improve because you will learn how to recognize and fix your own bad listening habits and your speaking skills will improve because you will know how to get through to people and make your ideas heard. In this lively, entertaining and enlightening speech you will gain new insights into how our brains react to the information we hear. You will laugh, learn and leave with knowledge you can put to use immediately to transform your leadership skills.

Organizations that have hired Sally to speak on the topic of listening skills include The Air National Guard, Consol Energy, Eat n’ Park Hospitality Group and the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association.

Praise for “Listen Like a Leader”:
Comments written on the Evaluation forms at one of the conferences where Sally delivered her dynamic speech about listening skills:

Public speaking in Pittsburgh

An Actor’s Guide to Public Speaking

Countless hours are being wasted in corporate America because so many people are putting their colleges to sleep while they give an ineffective presentation that no one can concentrate on. This lively and instructive keynote will make a drastic improvement to the public speaking skills of your employees. It shows how lessons learned from screen directors and actors can be applied to improve the structure and delivery of a masterful public speech. Participants will be shown how to communicate more effectively by organizing their thoughts clearly, focusing on their objectives and keeping an eye on the impression they are making.

Organizations that have hired Sally to present speeches on the topic of improving public speaking skills include Toyota Motor Corporation, KPMG and The Pennsylvania Society of Directors in Healthcare.Humorous speaker for stress relief

Humor is the Antidote for Stress

A keynote speech from Sally Chopping that will energize and inspire your audience

This enlightening speech is innovative, practical and highly humorous. It takes a serious look at the benefits of humor and shows you how to use humor effectively so that you can live a less stressful and more productive life. Dwight Eisenhower said “Humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” This keynote presentation will show you why laughter is so essential for leadership and for building strong relationships. You will learn how the brain processes humor, how a joke is constructed and how to find ways to add laughter to your life. It is especially useful for people in stressful professions who need a way to maintain their enthusiasm for their job and to prevent burnout.

Here are just a few of the organizations who have hired Sally to present “Humor is the Antidote for Stress”:

The Hillman Cancer Center
The United States Postal Service
The Hospital Council of Western PA
Howard Hanna Real Estate
The Allegheny Agency on Aging
Comfort Keepers
The Society for Marketing Professionals

A few comments from  conference evaluation forms:

Quote from Dave Jakielo, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Pittsburgh: “I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.”

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