Job Interview Coaching (available in Pittsburgh)

Ace the interview

Would you like to feel confident, relaxed and in control when you are at an interview? Do you want to be certain that you have made the best impression possible? Do you want to stand out from the competition? Don’t leave things to chance—improve your interviewing skills today.

Interview coaching
The fierce competition for jobs means that if your interviewing skills are above average, that will not be enough! You must be the BEST. When you rehearse for the interview with presentation coach, Sally Chopping, you learn to project confidence and charisma.

“A job interview is an interactive experience. Preparing for it on your own is like acting in a play when you haven’t been to any rehearsals.”

For interview coaching in Pittsburgh call (412) 478-6785 Practice makes perfect! Schedule a coaching session with Sally Chopping to practice your interviewing techniques.

Interview Coaching and Public Speaking Classes
3019 Swansea West, Pittsburgh PA 15101

Job Interview Practice Questions

Contact our Pittsburgh office for job interview coaching and public speaking classes and private coaching.

Sally Chopping

Phone: 412-478-6785


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