COMPANY RESEARCH to prepare for the job interview

Be prepared to answer questions about the company’s specific product line.
Go to the company web site. Look at everything carefully. Read the recent press releases that you can find on the web site. If it is a publicly held company, read a stock broker’s analyst report about the company. Read any company brochures you can get hold off. And of course, talk to everyone you know who has dealt with the company or works there.

Ask yourself the following questions:

If the product that the company sells is a tangible consumer product, go to and read what customers are saying about the company. Find out what people are saying on this web site about the company, the products and the competing products. Look for consumer guide web sites that compare company products. Remember that the information on these type of web sites is just opinions and may not be true.

For Zoom job interviews and other virtual interviews practice your answers while looking at the computer screen. Practice your answers to these interview questions out-loud, not just in your head!

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