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Success at a job interview is not just about answering the questions correctly. You must also include all the following elements in order to give a good impression and build rapport:

Things to do at the job interview:

  1. Have a good handshake
  2. Pronounce the interviewer’s name PROPERLY. (You can often get the pronunciation by calling the company after hours and listening to the interviewer’s voicemail greeting.)
  3. Get the interviewer to do a lot of the talking. Have your break through questions ready.
  4. Keep good eye contact with your interviewer.
  5. Smile. Look as if you are enjoying the conversation.
  6. Maintain a confident posture.
  7. Mirror your interviewer’s body language.
  8. Keep all your answers positive.
  10. LISTEN carefully to the interviewer’s question.
  11. Get the interviewer to SEE you in the job by responding to questions with examples that create pictures in the interviewer’s mind.

Things to avoid at the job interview

  • Do not smoke–even if the interview does and it’s lunch time. If you are a smoker keep your suit in a bag hanging in your closet and don’t take it out until you have had your last cigarette before you go to the interview.
  • Do not put your note pad or anything on the interviewers desk, ever, unless you are told to do so. Putting your things on other people’s desks is invading their space.
  • Do not abbreviate the interviewers name unless the interviewer asks you to. For example, if the interviewer asks you to call her “Debbie”, DO NOT call her “Debs”.
  • Do not rest your foot on top of your knee. (Crossing your legs is fine, just don’t put your shoe on top of your knee.)
  • Do not fold your arms. (It’s bad body language that communicates that you are not open to the questions you are being asked.)
  • Do not fidget. It is easy to tap your pen or fidget with your hair — don’t do it!
  • Do not criticize former bosses.

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